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American Interior Plant Service can take care of all your interior plant needs with a large variety of Green Plants, including Living Walls, along with color rotations of Orchids, Bromeliads and Live Color Arrangements. We also can provide high-quality Silk Plants for locations with poor lighting. We are professional plantscapers who can transform your workplace into an elegant warm environment that will not only cleanse the air but contribute to a more productive setting for your employees and add a touch of style which visitors will find welcoming. American Interior Plant Service uses only the highest quality plants from the top nurseries in California. These nurseries provide the finest quality specimen plants that have been raised by established growers throughout North America. We offer a wide selection of containers from manufacturers throughout the world. You can choose from many styles, colors and materials that will complement your workplace atmosphere.

Replacement Guarantee

One way we differentiate our company from the competition is by taking great pride in our replacement guarantee service.  Our replacement guarantee program is second to none ensuring you always have healthy plants.  We want your plants to look their best every day of the year.

You may be asking if we service businesses in your city?

Our interior plant service area covers from San Francisco to San Jose. For more information, please call us at 650.594.1538 or fill out or contact form.